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Graduation tower

15 Dec 2018
16 Dec 2018
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at the sound of relaxing music

Our graduation tower is a cozy room, where to the sound of relaxing music and under the beneficial effects of the aerosol-saturated micronutrient you will be able to indulge in true relaxation.

Graduation Tower

Discover how it works

Innovative method
Built of natural wood, it uses the power of nature.
Innovative method
Breathe with air saturated with iodine, bromine, and a number of beneficial micronutrients.
Wide range of applications
Learn the healing properties of iodine and bromine.
Wide range of applications

How is it made

and how does it work?

It is a construction made of pine or spruce wood, which is equipped with a pump distributing brine on specially laid twigs. The brine deployed in this way creates an aerosol in the air, thanks to which the air is saturated with iodine and bromine, as well as a number of micro-elements beneficial to the body, such as magnesium, sodium and iron.

Iodine and bromine are known for their healing properties, thanks to which they are used in the treatment of upper respiratory tracts, sinusitis, emphysema, hypertension, neuroses, allergies, as well as in a state of general exhaustion of the body.

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