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15 Dec 2018
16 Dec 2018
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Gdzie nad morze?

Mielno i okolice

We know how important location is to You! EDEN Resort & Spa is located at the very dune, and the modern and comfortable entrance to the beach is just 150 meters from the resort.

Mielno & Unieście

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Holiday resort
Placed between Baltic sea and Jamno lake, 10km away from Koszalin.
Holiday resort
Wide, sandy beaches. Clean water and air free of polution
In center
Cinema, amusement park , shops, fairs
In center

Worth to see nearby

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Koszalin - 16km to Unieście

City of Koszalin is running philharmonic orchestra, theatre and cinemas. For ones who like shopping we can recommend 3 shopping malls: Emka, Atrium, Kosmos. We also encourage families with children to visit Madagaskar - playground for whole family.

There is also line park in the city park near Chełmska Mt. There are two different routes to complete and each have different difficulty.

We can also see Regional Museum, XIV century cathedral and remains of medieval fortifications. Additionally there is very curious construction - Koszalin amphitheater - located in beautiful park in city center.

Kołobrzeg - 40km to Unieście

Kołobrzeg port make a possibility to take part in 1-2 hour cruise on the Baltic Sea or visit Bornholm island. Kołobrzeg is also known for its numerous monuments like cathedral, city hall and lighthouse

Gąski - 12 km from Unieście

We encourage to visit lighthouse located in Gąski. A view of open see and small villages nearby is very breathtaking experience.

Słowiński Nacional Park - 112 km from Unieście

Słowiński Nacional Park is a place worth to see. Its a one of 250 nature reserve which includes wandering dunes, forests and lakes. One of them - Łebsko - its third biggest lake in Poland.

"Kamienne kręgi" reservation - 39 km from Unieście

Archeologic reservation „Kamienne Kręgi” in Grzybnica is located 20 km to the south from Koszalin.

In the Grzybnica forest there are five stone circles. This primal place is worth seeing for every turist seeking rest

Darłowo - pomeranian dukes castle - 43 km from Unieście

Castle in Darłowo is one of the the most impressive remainings that Gryfit dynasty who was ruled pomerania till half of XVII century left after yourself. Now castle is a regional museum that we recomend to see.

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Hortulus theme gardens – Dobrzyca - 23 km from Unieście.

Hortulus is 28 themed gardens created with passion for 20 years. Among them we can find those related with environment (forest, rock or water garden), culture themed gardens ( japan, french or mediterranean garden) and also "Senses Gardens" that are designed to affect our guests with colour, sound and aroma.

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