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SPA bath

15 Dec 2018
16 Dec 2018
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A perfect way for relaxation

A unique way to relax and end the busy day of classes and exercises. The whole body is subjected to an underwater massage using water and air nozzles mounted in the walls of the bathtub.

Available for all guests

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Perfect composition
Warm water and air have a soothing effect on tense muscles and stimulate the circulatory system.
Perfect composition
Unique action
Unique action
Massage results in better blood supply to the skin, relaxation of tense muscles and has a unique de-stressing effect.
Right by the pool
Our professional jacuzzi is located next to the pool basin. Rest after effort!
Right by the pool

We offer 3 professional

jacuzzi stations

In our new Spa Complex we offer you up to 3 four-person professional Jacuzzi stations, located right next to the pool basin. This unique massage results in better blood supply to the skin, relaxation of tense muscles and also has a unique de-stressing effect after a tiring day of exercise. Water at 35-37 ° C

The ideal composition of warm water and air soothes the strained muscles and stimulates the circulatory system. The massaging stream is directed mainly at the back, spine and legs. It is recommended to use a 15-minute bath.



  • Relaxing and soothing effect
  • Pain discomfort of the spine
  • Relaxation and soothing effect
  • Improvement of peripheral circulation
  • Abnormalities of the body
  • Fever
  • Acute and chronic infectious diseases
  • Circulatory inefficiency
  • Heart diseases
  • Internal secretion disorders
  • Some skin diseases
  • Epilepsy and psychotic states

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