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15 Dec 2018
16 Dec 2018
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At EDEN Resort & Spa you can enjoy a wide range of SPA services –here, you will find the only indoor swimming pool with heated sea water - directly from the Baltic, sauna complex, graduation tower - and three new Jacuzzi spots! In addition, we offer a rich program of water treatments.


What does it mean?

Get rid of toxins
Cleanse the body of unnecessary and harmful metabolic products.
Get rid of toxins
Oxygenate the organism
Oxygenate the organism
Increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the muscles and blood vessels and throw away toxins and carbon dioxide.
Release endorphins
Use the sauna. Under the influence of high temperature, the brain begins to secrete neurotransmitters - endorphins. Then there is a feeling of relaxation and drowsiness.
Release endorphins

Spa by the sea

At the hotel eden resort & spa

The spa is a treatment with water (hydrotherapy, water treatment, aquatherapy) or a place where such treatment takes place. When we deal with warm air blowing around us, or when we immerse ourselves in a hot bath, there are many beneficial processes for health taking place in the body in a few seconds.


The human body is equipped with almost 25 thousand sensors recording any increase in ambient temperature. Temperature receptors are located just under the skin. When the heat reaches our body, information about it is passed through the receptors into the body of the thermoregulation center in the brain. The brain in turn orders the blood vessels of the skin and muscles to expand, to increase the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and throw away toxins and carbon dioxide.


The principle is that the stronger the thermal stimulus, the more intense are the healing processes taking place in the body, and finally when the skin heats up to 37 degrees C, sweat appears. As a result, the body is purified from unnecessary and harmful metabolic products.


A man unused to heat loses only 1.5 liters of sweat per hour. For people regularly using the sauna, for example, a trained thermoregulation system reacts quickly and within 4 hours, the body gets rid of 4 liters of water! High temperature works not only on the body. Under its influence, the brain begins to secrete neurotransmitters - endorphins. Then there is a feeling of relaxation and drowsiness, and the higher the temperature, e.g. above 38 degrees, the higher general stimulation of the body follows.


Water transports heat 250 times faster than air. It should be remembered that wet treatments - for example, wraps, baths or showers - should have a temperature of up to 44 degrees. Dry treatments, such as an electric cushion, can be warmer, i.e. at about 46 degrees. In the air without steam, we can stay for a few minutes, even at 100 degrees C!

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