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17 Jun 2019
18 Jun 2019
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Dbamy o prywatność Naszych gości

Managing site we care for your privacy and safety.Transactions made via reservation module are safe and Transakcje realizowane za pomocą modułu rezerwacji są bezpieczne i odbywają się w oparciu o szyfrowane połączenie.

Cookies site is using cookie files saved in internet browser of users visiting site. This data help us to run marketing campaigns that promote Eden resort.

30 days in web

Informations about presence user on site is held in browser memory during 30 days. You can delete cookie file from your browser in any moment.

Sensitive data

We want to ensure, that cookie files don't gather any personal data - as users of you become fully anonymous. Gathered data helps us to send ads fit to your interests and needs


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