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24 Jan 2020
25 Jan 2020
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he choice is yours

We encourage you to make reservations at EDEN Resort & Spa! For your convenience, we have prepared several ways to make a reservation

Informations about payments and reservations

"We encourage you to make reservations at EDEN Resort & Spa! For your convenience, we have prepared several ways to make a reservation.  You can call us: Tel. (+48) 222 288 108 or write: We also encourage you to book rooms, apartments and houses using our reservation module.  Book a room

Booking conditions

Booking via telephone is available from 8.00 to 20.00 under numbers listed in Contact page.

Each your request will be listed in reservation grid. In order to confirm your stay we will contact you via phone or e-mail to agree on stay conditions and other needed issues.

Detailed conditions of stay are listed in calculation sheet sent to you via e-mail. Each reservation should have detailed calculation of stay that includes price and advance payment term.

Confirmations is sent after advance payment made by guest

In case of lack of advance payment, reservation will be canceled

We encourage you to send to us confirmation of money transfer via e-mail due to delays made by banks

Money transfer data and payment conditions

Payments from Polish accounts

  • Payments in PLN: 81 1090 1711 0000 0001 0801 1515 (BZ WBK Bank).
    Recipient: Spółka z o.o.,
    ul. Morska 20A, 76-032 Mielno
  • Payments via postal order: Ośrodek „Eden”, Unieście ul.Morska 20A, 76-032 Mielno

Attention! Please put your name, surname and phone number in payment title.

Payments from abroad

Due to high provisions taken by banks we encourage people who want to pay their stay from abroad to use Dotpay system - seller ID 31861 or PayPal

Payments in euro

Payments in Euro will be converted to PLN. Sp. z o. o. don't take responsibility for bank payments made in foreign currencies.


in the tourist event organised by Sp. z o.o. in Mielno at Morska 20A (called the Resort)


  1. The Participant of the tourist event is the person making the reservation (who participates in the event: personally, by telephone, online, via e-mail, fax, mail) (the Client) and other people indicated in the reservation by the Client.
  2. The standard tourist event is an event includes the accommodating of the Client in a room, a holiday house or a family apartment. The standard residence event starts and ends on Saturday. The hotel day is from 3:00 pm on the day of the arrival to 10 o’clock on the day of the departure. If the Client chooses to stay with board, the first and the last meal will be delivered in accordance with given information.
  3. The accommodation is possible at the working hours of the reception desk. Before the check out the employee reads the meters and checks the room, apartment or holiday house. On this basis, the Client is got even with the deposit.
  4. The basic price of the event includes the accommodation in the holiday house or a family apartment for maximum 4 people. Each additional person ( also in the room) is extra paid. However, the Resort does not guarantee the sheets and bed for this person.
  5. The offered services (board, treatment, etc.) are time-limited. The board and service which are not used due to the Client cannot be change on other service or cash.
  6. The treatment is made by the external entity. All payments are made at the reception desk only in cash and in advance. The staff of the Resort can refuse to do the treatment of the person who has not paid. The Resort is not responsible of services and all invoices are issued by the external entity. Participating in the treatment is on the Client’s responsibility and the Client is responsible for one’s health. If there is any doubt whether the treatment can be perform, the Client should consult his/ her doctor and have a doctor’s note. It is obligatory to have such information.
  7. A wristband may be the confirmation of the booked services. The band is given on the arrival day at the reception desk. Without it the Client may be refused certain service. Giving the new band in the case of destroying the old one costs 5 PLN.
  8. The stay of the unregistered people is possible only after checking them in and paying for their stay. After 9 p.m. only registered people can be in the Resort.
  9. Parking in the Resort is possible only in the specific space. The parking lot is due if the Client does not have the free one in the offer. The car park is not guarded and the Resort does not take the responsibility of any damages or theft.
  10. Before the checking in the Client is informed of the parking conditions. There is no other possibility to park a car on a different conditions than the ones described in point 9.
  11. Outside the Resort there is an open-access and free parking lot.
  12. In the period when the parking lot is free, the Resort provides one parking place for one car for one reservation made for one family apartment, holiday house or room.


  1. All payments need to be made in advance. The key is given only when the stay is paid. The payment of the reservation means the acceptance of the reservation conditions.
  2. Before starting the stay a 300 PLN deposit is taken in cash or by an authorization hold on a credit card. The deposit is the appropriation to the usage of electricity and water and/ or to the coverage of the possible damages (point 31). The deposit is settled on the departure day.
  3. The services in the Resort are paid in advance. In case of using the hotel credit an authorization hold is made on the arrival day while checking in.
  4. The cost of a holiday house or family apartment does not include the costs of the electricity and water usage.
  5. The cost of a tourist event does not include the kurtaxe. It is paid only in cash on the arrival day. The rate of the kurtaxe is in accordance with the Act of the District Office in Mielno.
  6. With the proviso of points 19-21, the reservation is connected with the payments in:

standard price:

  • in advance of 14 days, the Client needs to pay the deposit of 40% of the whole price within two days since the reservation date. The rest needs to be paid in 14 days before the arrival day.
  • in advance of below 14 days of the arrival, the Client needs to pay the entire price within 2 days since the reservation date.

promotional price

  • in advance of more than 60 days, the deposit is 40% of the whole price within 3 days since the reservation date. The rest needs to be paid in 60 days before the arrival.
  • in advance of below 60 days of the arrival the guest needs to pay the entire price within 2 days since the reservation date.
  1. The reservation which value is over 15 000 PLN (fifteen thousand zloty gross) or concerns more than two accommodation units (room,family house, apartment):
  • with more than 60 days before arrival needs 50% deposit within 3 (three) days since reservation date.
  • with less than 60 days before arrival needs 100% payment for the stay within 2 (two) days since reservation date.
  1. Reservation made 48 h before arrival needs to be prepaid in 100% and the payment confirmation needs to be sent to resort’s email address. There is a possibility of an authorization hold on the guest’s credit card. Without the confirmation till 8 p.m. on a booking date, the reservation is cancelled and the Client is informed about that fact via telephone or email.
  2. In case of a non-refundable reservation, there are not any possibilities of modifying or cancelling the reservation. The guest is obligated to pay for the whole stay on reservation day. The payment cannot be returned in any situations.
  3. The Resort may charge for renting of some equipment.
  4. In case of booking a room at a reduced price and paying the deposit but not paying the rest (point 18/b), the Client loses the right of reduced price. The reservation is recalculated at a standard price. The Client will be informed via email or a telephone and within two days he/ she needs to pay the new costs. If the Client does not pay, the reservation is cancelled (see point 26).


  1. The Resort reserves the right to cancelling the tourist event:

a) from reasons beyond our control (civil decisions, force majeure etc.)

b) from not enough amount of members.

In both cases, the Client can change the date of the stay or get the full refund. The cancellation is till 14 (fourteen) days before the arrival.


  1. The Client can resign from the tourist event by writing a paper. The date of the resignation is the a day when the paper comes to the Resort with an original signature (post, email) and a day when the Client does not pay for the stay or does not arrive.
  2. Subject to point 21 and 27, in case of resigning from the event (point 25), the Resort has the right to demand from the Client a refund of:
  3. a) 10% of the stay - resignation till 31 days before the beginning of the event,
  4. b) 20% of the stay - resignation till 21 days before the beginning of the event,
  5. c) 50% of the stay - resignation till 15 days before the beginning of the event,
  6. d) 90% of the stay - resignation till 14 days before the beginning of the event and in case of not reporting the lack of participation in the tourist party.
  7. The amount of the attachments are estimative and based on a standard price. In case of a difference between the attachment and real costs, the Resort will verify the calculation and may return the difference at the centre or transfer money to the Client’s bank account. In the case when the costs are higher than the attachment, the Resort will not demand the return from the Client.
  8. In case when the Client resigns from the event gives someone for his/ her place before the party, this person takes responsibility for paying for the stay.
  9. In case of resigning from the party, the Resort is obligated to impose the full costs on the Client. The payoff is based on the rules shown in point 5,26,27.
  10. On their own, the Clients can insure themselves against the resigning from the tourist event


  1. The Clients are obligated to cover the costs of damages made by themselves or people they take responsibility for. In case of a higher costs of the tourist event, the Client is obligated to pay the difference on the departure day the latest.
  2. The Clients must read and obey the statue of the Resort. The regulation is displayed at the reception desk of the Resort and on a website
  3. The Clients who would like to participate in extracurricular activities needs to pay in advance and have proper clothes and shoes. The tips are sent in a reservation confirmation. The Resort does not take responsibility of the Clients participating in the activity. If there are any health obstacles, the Clients should consult the doctor first and bring a doctor’s note.
  4. The Resort does not provide the health service during the stay.
  5. There are no gran-in-aids (PFRON, NFZ, MOPS, GOPS, PCPR etc.) respected. It also affects Sanatorium and Senior Package.
  6. Claims, complaints and requests should be in a written form and submitted during the stay to the Resort management. The Claim is processed within 30 days since the applying.
  7. All apart from the above is regulated by the Civil Code.



  1. The hotel day starts at 3 p.m. and ends at 10 a.m. In case of the stay with board, the stay starts with the meal mentioned in the confirmation. The meal hours differs depending on the type of stay.
  2. In case of apartments and family houses the check-in is possible in the working hours of the reception desk. The check-out is till 10 a.m.
  3. The Clients need to check the equipment in the apartment/ family house with the Stay Card. Signing the document means that everything is allright.
  4. While checking-out, the Resort has the right to check the room, apartment or family house.The Resort read the meters and controls the room, apartment or family house. On this basis , the deposit is settled. The deposit is for the damages, media, water and electricity.
  5. The extension of the hotel day on the departure day is possible (extra paid) when there is no further reservation.


  1. The payments need to be made in advance. The key is given to the Clients who have paid for the stay.
  2. The climate fee (kurtaxe) is only in cash, in advance while checking in.
  3. The payment for the service needs to be done in cash in advance before the service.
  4. Identity band on the wrist is for the safety and the confirmation of the services. The staff can refuse the service (the swimming pool, board, activities, animations) when the Clients do not have a proper-worn band. The cost of the new band is 5 PLN. The Resort may not give the band depending on the date and type of the stay.
  5. There may be some deposits taken for some of the equipment, including the one used on P.E. activities. The deposit is returned when the equipment is not damaged. The Clients need to pay for any damages or the loss of the equipment.
  6. The deposit (cash, authorization hold) is taken at the checking-in.
  7. The condition of the hotel credit is an authorization hold on the Client’s credit card.
  8. For losing or damage of the key/ pendant or swimming pool card there is a fee - 50 PLN. The loss or damage of the bathrobe costs 250 PLN, Nordic Walking poles - 200 PLN, towels - 35 PLN/ piece.

13.a. The pets are acceptable only in some rooms, family houses, apartments and after consulting the Resort. The Clients need to inform the staff about the pet while reserving a room. The Resort accepts only small, non-aggressive and quiet pet (dogs, cats) with a valid vaccination book. The Resort may charge extra for the animal and take a 300 PLN deposit. The Resort does not take any responsibilities for the pets.

13.b. The deposit is to ensure the costs of the possible damages caused by the pet. In case when the deposit is lower than the damages, the Clients need to pay the difference. The deposit is returned when everything is in order and the room does not need special cleaning.

13.c. In case of keeping the pets without the Resort consent, the Resort can stop provide services and the Clients do not have any claims.

13.d. The Clients are obligated to clean after the pet and make sure that it will not disturb other Clients. When the Clients do not follow the responsibilities, the Resort may remove them.


  1. The Resort does not take any responsibilities for valued things (documents, money, financial credits instruments, valuables).
  2. The Resort can refuse taking valued things to store when it may pose any danger, are too valuable or takes too much space.
  3. The Clients need to make sure that the room/ family house/ apartment is locked every time they leave. The light and all the receivers need to be turned off.
  4. The Clients must not use any equipment (kettle, radiator, fire, cooking machine) that is not in the apartment, house family, room.
  5. The Clients must not smoke in the balcony or terrace. In case of disobedience, the Clients may be charged with a 500 PLN fine. Each member of the staff has the right to check the room/ apartment/ family house concerning smoking. Smoking is allowed only in certain area.
  6. All sanitaries cannot be thrown down the toilet.
  7. All damages, failures, faults need to be noticed as soon as possible. It is allowed that the repair is done despite the Client's presence.
  8. The cleaning needs to reported in working days till 11 a.m. Room cleaning (max 2 times while 7-days stay) is for free. Apartment cleaning is (max 1 time while 7-days stay) is for free. Family house cleaning is every time due 50 PLN (the Client’s requests). Every extra service is due 50 PLN.
  9. Apartments and family houses are adjusted to 4 people ( with sheets for each of them). In case of more people, the Resort does not guarantee the place for sleep and the sheet. In family houses there are no towels.
  10. In the Resort there is rubbish segregation. Please put the trash in the correct bin.
  11. All the equipment needs to be used according to its use.
  12. The Resort can refuse to check in the Client who did not paid for the previous stays or did not obey the regulations (smoking, damages, disturbing the other Guests).


  1. The parking lot is due unless the Resort does charge for it in certain cases. The Clients can park only in the specified non-guarded space. The Resort does not take any responsibilities for the any damages or the loss of the car.
  2. Before the beginning of the stay, the Clients are informed about the parking rules. There is no other possibility to use the parking lot than described in point 26,28-29. Outside the Resort there is a public parking lot.
  3. The Clients must not park the car on the green area. It is forbidden to wash or clean the car in the Resort area.
  4. The parking lot is paid in advance. The Clients can use the parking lot after being given a parking card which needs to be placed in front of the window.


  1. The Clients participate in any kinesthetics on their own responsibilities. The Client has to prepare proper clothes and shoes. The activities included in the stay packages cannot be changed into other services or be given to other people.
  2. The Resort does not provide the health service. The condition of participating in the Sanatorium, Active or Senior Stay is possible only after filling the medical survey.
  3. The Clients can use the swimming pool and the spa complex according to schedule hours with the use of the swimming pool card or band wrist. The use of the pool can be reduced due to any extracurricular activities, faults or limited space. Children to 10 years old can use the pool only with the presence of adults.
  4. Depending on the stay, the swimming pool and the spa complex is included in the price or due. All needed information is included on the website
  5. The Clients need to indisputably follow the safety regulations while using the swimming pool, spa complex or participating in activities.
  6. Before activities or services the Clients need to inform the staff about any recommendations and contraindications. Participating in exercises means that there are no obstacles concerning health
  7. The Clients need to follow instructors and physiotherapists’’ orders.
  8. The Clients can use the services only at the specific time and date.
  9. Some of the activities needs the minimal amount of reservations at certain time. The Resort has the right to cancel the stay due to little number of reservations.


  1. The Resort provide services according to the Resort’s standards.
  2. The lights-out is from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. After 9 p.m. only Resort’s Clients with a paid stay can be in the area.
  3. It is forbidden to bring and eat/drink own food and drinks bought outside the Resort in the cafe and the dining room. Please do not come to cafe and dining room in bathrobes, swimming suits and jackets.
  4. The Clients must not smoke in the Resort.
  5. The receptions (main and service) are open according to information on the tables. The working hours may change.
  6. The invoice for the stay is given on the basis of the receipts.
  7. The TV is facilitated the Clients for the stay.
  8. Personal things left in the room/ apartment. family house are stored for one month. On the Client's’ request they can be send to a given address. The costs are covered by the Clients. In case of lack interest in lost things, they will be given to a charity.
  9. Barbecue is possible only in a proper place. It is forbidden to fry, boil or cook fish in the apartments and family houses.
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