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29 Mar 2020
30 Mar 2020
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Effective program

Regeneration and efficiency

"If traditional rest is not enough for you, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of our slimming and health package, which will turn your standard relaxation into a truly effective, regenerating and effective program! This year, after a hot summer we have the perfect time to relax, calm down and relax The poles, bikes, swimming pool, walks and other small activities combined with a light diet will bring lightness and well-being After many hours in the open air, the sleep will be deep and long, and the next day after a good night's sleep During your stay, we recommend our water treatments (scouring of scots, underwater massages, arm-like baths, etc.) and relaxing dry massages in various variants.  Morning stretching and breathing activities on the beach! After a short rest, we invite you to our warm pool for another portion of the MORAVE BEACH activity .... At the beach there will be activities to stimulate our body in the morning. The exercises will be based on breathing exercises that cleanse our orgasm and relieve excessive stress. Strengthening the diaphragm during breathing exercises will relieve the spine, improve the health of discopathy and increase the breathing capacity of the lungs. In addition, the program provides short sessions of cardio training at moderate intensity. Cardio training will aim to strengthen our heart and increase the efficiency of our body.  REINFORCING IN THE POOL. Activities performed in water relieve our joints during exercise. They are an excellent form of activity thanks to which we lose unnecessary kilograms and strengthen our body. Exercises are performed to the rhythm of music, thanks to which we not only lose unnecessary kilograms, but also improve our well-being. CLASSES FOR CLASSROOMS * There will be classes in the room during which we will focus on the proper functioning of our joints. Applied exercises will have to make our joints more flexible and increase the range of motion within them. Strengthening the joints we will decrease and even get rid of pain related often with injuries. In addition, the program also provides reinforcement training with the use of small fittness equipment.  Slimming and health stays are a great idea for combining relaxation with physical activity and a healthy slightly digestible diet with a lot of nutritious vegetables and fruits.  * optional curriculum (implementation depends on the attendance and availability of the trainer) "

Many possibilities

Choose a package for you

Our ACTIVE PACKAGES is a great offer for people who:  They want to change their lifestyle and try optimal physical exercise  They practice various forms of physical activity and do not want to give up on vacation  They want to do something for their health and figure  They want to lose a few kilos and centimeters in their circuits in a healthy way  They need impulse and professional support - to get started!  

Your benefits

Eat healthy
Low calorie nutritional diet 1300-1400 kcal
Eat healthy
Large warm pool, Finnish sauna, steam room, graduation tower, spa tubs
Rest actively
An interesting program of recreational activities
Rest actively

What is it
using active packages about?

Dining By default, for this stay, we recommend you to eat easily digestible with reduced calories (3 basic meals.) All our dishes are prepared on the basis of fresh and healthy products, cooked largely steamed and properly baked, so as to get the best taste and nutrients.  A balanced, low-calorie diet is 5 meals a day. The kitchen serves between meals additional snacks in the form of vegetable and fruit juices, salads, etc. All diet meals are served in calculated and balanced portions. Thanks to the batch kits, you have a calculated amount of calories, while maintaining the appropriate structure of nutrients. Enjoy your meal!  

How many days are the packages for?

Packages are adapted to 7-night stays, but the best results are obtained by taking a 14-day rest, allocating the right time for classes and rest and regeneration after a few days of classes, so 14 days stay is a period that allows you to get desired and visible effects .  

FoodDetective™ Professional

"As part of our health prophylaxis in our center, we offer you a diagnostic test for food hypersensitivity type III with the FoodDetective ™ Professional test     Meets the standards of in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDD98 / 79EC) High sensitivity, specificity and accuracy ensure the reliability of the result  Marking with very small amount of material (50 μl of capillary blood), painlessly  The result within 40 min  A well-chosen panel of antigens (59 products)  The test is performed by an experienced dietitian  Interpretation of paper results within 30 minutes after the test  "

Active packages

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