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17 Jul 2019
18 Jul 2019
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Effective program

Regeneration and efficiency

If traditional rest is not enough for you, we strongly encourage you to use our ACTIVE PACKAGES - slimming ones, which will turn standard relaxation into a truly effective, restorative and effective program.

Slimming holidays are a great idea for combining relaxation with physical activity!

Many possibilities

Choose a package for you

To meet different expectations of our guests and adapt to your needs even better, we have prepared several packages and slimming stays to choose from, varying in the scope of services and price. Thanks to this, relaxation, physical activity and biological regeneration can be combined in the most optimal way for you - with the simultaneous use of a healthy diet. And all that right by the sea, with an indoor pool and a modern SPA complex!

We invite you to use slimming packages!


  • Wants to change their lifestyle and try optimal physical exercise
  • Engages in various forms of physical activity and do not want to give up their physical activeness during holidays
  • Wants to do something for their health and shape
  • Wants to lose a few kilograms and centimeters off their size in a healthy way
  • Needs the impulse and professional support - to get started!

Your benefits

Eat healthily
Easily digestible nutritional diet 1000-1200 kcal
Eat healthily
A large swimming pool and SPA complex
Rest actively
An interesting program of recreational activities
Rest actively

What is it
using active packages about?

Buying a selected package allows you to enrich the standard holiday offer including accommodation in a chosen room, catering and relaxation in the pool and spa with a number of additional services that the packages include.

They are built to meet different needs and expectations of guests: from a small range of group fitness classes with instructors to packages expanded with treatments and other useful benefits that make the stay even more comfortable.


As default, for this stay, we recommend you to eat easily digestible food with reduced calories (3 basic meals). All our dishes are prepared based on fresh and healthy products, cooked to a large extent on steam and properly baked or roasted, so as to get the best taste and nutritional values..

A balanced, easily digestible diet with reduced caloric content consists of 3-5 meals a day. The kitchen serves additional snacks in the form of vegetable and fruit juices, salads, etc between meals. All dietary meals are served in calculated and balanced portions. Thanks to the prepared portions, you have a calculated amount of calories, while maintaining the appropriate structure of nutrients. Enjoy your meal!

Additional informations

Each time, the stay begins with lunch on the arrival on Sunday.


How many days are the packages for?

FoodDetective™ Professional

W ramach profilaktyki zdrowotnej w naszym ośrodku, proponujemy Państwu badanie diagnostyczne nadwrażliwości pokarmowej typu III testem FoodDetective™ Professional

FoodDetective Professional


  • Spełnia standardy wyrobów medycznych do diagnostyki in vitro (IVDD98/79EC)
  • Wysoka czułość, swoistość i dokładność zapewniają wiarygodność wyniku

  • Oznaczenie z bardzo małej ilości materiału (50 μl krwi włośniczkowej), bezboleśnie

  • Wynik w ciągu 40 min

  • Dobrze dobrany panel antygenów (59 produktów)

  • Test wykonuje doświadczony dietetyk

  • Interpretacja wyników w formie papierowej w ciągu 30 min po wykonaniu testu

Active packages

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